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Retrofit LED Dimmer Modules

Presidor™ Retrofit LED Dimmer Modules

120VAC LED Dimmers for Strand CD80 Supervisor and C21 Dimmer Racks. Employing next-generation MOSFET power devices, these Dimmer Modules are designed for direct plug into any dual 2.4KW rack slots. These modules provide a fast conversion to state-of-the-art LED dimming boasting dimming efficiency of ≥99%. Leveraging the same intelligent control circuitry as used in the Presidor™ LED Dimmer Racks, these modules are controlled with our CD-3000 processors for state-of-the-art dimming.

Each dimmer module contains two isolated, reverse phase controlled dimmers rated at 600 Watts and will dim both LED and incandescent loads over a full range of dimming (1-100% DMX). Unique digital curve selection allows for user selectable low end curve setting. Sensing protection on each dimmer includes overload, short-circuit, temperature, over-voltage, inductive load and more. RGB LED indication permits fast diagnosis of any load error events.

  • Each module contains two 600 Watt reverse phase dimmers.
  • Chokeless MOSFET power outputs for unsurpassed dimming efficiency (≥99%).
  • Dims both LED and Incandescent loads from 1-100% DMX.
  • Intelligent load sensing.
  • Instant software load shut-off for short-circuit, overload, over-temp, inductive load, and more.
  • Ultra-low standby power for "Green" compliancy.
  • RGB LED feedback for fast diagnosis of load.
  • UL489 10 Amp Breaker.

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Module Types
PM-CD80SV Rear View
PM-C21 Rear View
Ordering Information
Model Description (Dimmers)
PM-C21 Dual 600 Watt LED Dimmer Module for C21 Dimmer Racks
PM-CD80SV Dual 600 Watt LED Dimmer Module for CD80 Supervisor Dimmer Racks
C21-FM Filler/Airflow Module for C21 Dimmer Racks
CD80FM-SV Filler/Airflow Module for CD80 Supervisor Dimmer Racks

NOTE: Designed for use with 120VAC dimmable ballast LED loads. LED lamp performance can vary widely depending on manufacturer, model and quality of the lamp and/or its internal power supply. It is recommended that a live test of a LED lamp type is performed prior to volume purchase to assure the low end dimming performance is suitable for application. Lamp types should not be mixed on the same dimmer circuit. JSI will not assume any responsibility for poor low end lamp performance associated with some lower cost/quality products.

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