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CS-DMX Series Programmable Manual DMX Control Stations

Retrofit1.0 CS-DMX Series - GENERAL

1.1 Stations shall be available in three, six, nine or twelve channel configurations along with two or three button entrance stations.

1.2 Control stations shall require flush mounted masonry type back boxes. Such boxes should have a minimum depth of 2.00" and must be grounded (earthed) in accordance with local wiring practice to facilitate a direct discharge path to ground for static electricity. MBD 3" depth back boxes are preferable where possible.

1.3 A series of color matched adapter plates shall permit the adaptation of any CS-DMX Series control stations into any larger standard multi-gang back box up to 6 gangs.

1.4 Control station pushbutton switch caps shall be available in either black or white with integral blue LED indicators. These caps shall be clearly identified for pushbutton function. LED intensity shall be adjustable through the full range of operation.

1.5 Stations shall operate from a 10.6 - 18VDC regulated power supply.

1.6 Station sliders shall be individually programmable with any combination of DMX channels via the CS-IPRO hand-held programmer. All programming shall be securely stored in EEPROM memory. CS-IPRO menus shall include:

  • Check Patch
  • Edit Patch
  • Clear Patch
  • Set Control Station Patch
  • Get Control Station Patch
  • Save Patch to Memory Module
  • Load Patch from Memory Module
  • EEPROM Type-Firmware or Patch
  • EEPROM Firmware Copy to Memory Module
  • EEPROM Firmware Load from Memory Module
  • Edit Security Key
  • Set Security Key
  • Get Security Key
  • Monitor Slider
  • Check Control Station Firmware
  • Firmware Version Display
  • Serial #
  • Battery Power Level Check
  • Printout Patch to Optional Printer
  • LCD View Adjust

1.7 Programmable fade-times from 0 to 60 seconds between station function/preset buttons.

1.8 Stations shall employ both short circuit current limit detection and output overload shutdown with automatic recovery and indication. 100mA short-circuit limit, 0.6W power dissipation with thermal shutoff.

1.9 Each station shall comply with the International Energy Agency's "One Watt Initiative" for standby power consumption.

1.10 Local and remote lockout modes with indication permit remote/entrance station lockout.

1.11 The control station shall be fastened by means of flush mounting 6-32 machine screws. The use of adhesives, magnets, setscrews or tension shall not be considered acceptable for long-term faceplate retention.

1.12 Station faceplates shall be fabricated from 0.080" aluminum and shall be supplied in black or white powder coat finish.

1.13 Control stations shall employ heavy-duty pushbutton switches, rated at five (5) million operations minimum.

1.14 Control stations shall employ metal shaft sliders with a total travel of 45mm (1.75") and black or white slider knobs. The use of plastic shaft sliders shall not be considered acceptable for resistance to breakage and station longevity.

1.15 All control wire terminations shall be via a premium quality "break-away" style screw terminal plug and socket to facilitate ease of station removal while maintaining continuity of power and "take control" to other room stations. For ease of serviceability, it shall be possible to remove any station PCB individually without the need to disconnect any terminated wiring.

1.16 All control stations shall employ "auto-resetting" fuse protection on their DC power inputs for protection against voltage spikes.

1.17 Circuit board copper plating shall be 1.5 oz. minimum. Circuit board material shall be glass-epoxy with a flame retardant rating of FR-4, 0.062" thickness. All circuit boards shall be solder masked and silk screened with component legends.

Specifications subject to change without notice.