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J-PACK Series • Hi-Performance Dimmer Pack

J-PACK Dimmer Pack

J-PACK Dimmers are a truly universal hi-performance series of 6 channel dimmer packs. Designed for versatility in virtually any environment, these unique and compact dimmer packs can be wall-mounted for permanent installations, 19" rack mounted, pipe mounted or used as portable units. Multiple units can be easily "ganged" together for fast system expansion.

Next generation "system-on-a-chip" technology provides unsurpassed value in SCR dimming. Stand-by power consumption of less than 1 Watt, allow for compliance with the International Energy Agency's "One Watt Initiative" for standby power consumption. This makes J-PACK's truly "green" with the minimal possible impact on the environment!

Available in various sizes and configurations, J-PACK's offer unique flexibility in professional grade dimming. Designed for modern lower wattage compact filament dimming loads these dimmers are full rated at 1,560 Watts for constant prolonged operation. Premium hydraulic magnetic circuit breakers offer safety and eliminate the false tripping concern of competitive dimmers. Intuitive LCD user interface combined analog inputs and contact closure inputs allow for industry wide application.

On demand "MagLev®" thermal management technology produces superior cooling that is virtually silent making J-PACK's the natural choice for "quiet space" dimming installations. Exclusive "lamp warming" techniques extends lamp life considerably while maintaining industry leading performance!

  • Available in a range of voltage and output configurations.
  • Unique power saving stand-by mode reduces power consumption to less than 1 Watt, a "green" dimmer pack.
  • Dim standard or low-voltage incandescent quartz lamps. Compatible with SCR dimmable LED lamps and fixtures.
  • Individual dimmer profile selection permits safe and silent control of non-dim lighting loads.
  • DMX512 start addressable in single channel (offset) or individually (patch).
  • DMX "snapshots" with scene playback.
  • Unique "lamp warming" feature extends lamp life significantly.

  • Analog and dedicated dry contact BMS inputs for interface with HVAC, security and audio.
  • "Load Shed" inputs for power management and photocell interface.
  • LCD user interface for easy setup and monitoring.
  • Over-heat and over-current protected.
  • Non-proprietary dimmer SCR's are 300% rated.
  • On-demand 'MagLev®' thermal management technology produces superior cooling that is virtually silent.
  • Up to 10 year product warranty available!

J-PACK Dimmer Pack

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