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Kliegl K-96 Dimmer Racks
KD-2000 Upgrade Dimming Control System

Kliegl Support and PartsThe KD-2000 is a professional retrofit electronics package designed specifically for Kliegl K-96 dimmer racks. This full-featured, state-of-the-art unit converts dual DMX inputs with protocol manager to 96 PWM and 128 DMX channels of output. Standard software includes architectural features such as DMX snapshots, scene storage, time clock, power management, auto scheduling, dimmer rack diagnostics and much more. Designed to install in minutes, this product is the proven and much talked about solution for K-96 dimmer racks.

The KD-2000 makes expensive replacement of antiquated dimming systems completely unnecessary. At a fraction of installed replacement cost and downtime, this engineered long-term solution puts state-of-the-art dimming technology at your fingertips!

ETL ApprovalJohnson Systems Inc. products are ETL listed and comply fully with UL508 and CSA22.2 No 184 electrical safety approvals. This Internationally recognized safety approval covers the entire assembly specifically for installation into an existing UL approved enclosure (OEM rack) and in no way compromises the electrical safety of the overall system. Official documents available on request.

Please contact our factory for pricing.

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  • The engineered solution for Kliegl K-96 dimmer racks. Replaces the old electronic card cage with new state-of-the-art control electronics.
  • A full-featured cost-effective solution for K-96 owners requiring a long-term, user-friendly front end for their dimmer rig.
  • Compatible with O.E.M. dimmer rack wiring for fast easy installation.
  • Dual opto-isolated DMX inputs with built in protocol manager.
  • 16 analog inputs and an infrared LED link for wireless printouts of programmed data.
  • Modular design with only two "plugable" modules.

  • Site programmable via a user-friendly, intuitive and self-prompting menu structure. No laptop computer or special software is required!
  • Powerful architectural software features include DMX snapshots, power management and over 40 more.
  • Auxiliary 128 channel DMX output for incorporation of peripheral DMX devices into the system's architectural control.
  • Supports all Johnson Systems control stations.
  • Networking between multiple KD-2000's allows for integrated control of multi-rack installations.
  • Up to 10 year product warranty available!

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KD-2000 Control System KD-2000 (Rear View)


Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
Commissioning of the Rainforest Lighting System

When I initially examined The RainForest Lighting System it had been failing for several years and was on its last leg. After experiencing the sticker shock of what a new system would cost, I began to look for alternatives. I came to the conclusion that we did not have to dispose of the entire system only the control portion (saving the zoo a lot of money).

I would like to thank everyone for not only having the confidence in me and the General Maintenance Staff but also having the patience to allow us to complete this project correctly. Each of you has provided input, guidance and or sweat equity to make it a success!

While trying to reverse engineer the original system I was fortunate to come across two vendors who became a major part of the design team for the new system: Horst Emmert (Dimmer Performance Electronics, former Kliegl Lighting field engineer) and Shaun Johnson (Johnson Systems Inc., former Kliegl Lighting system installer). Both agreed with my assessment. Shaun's equipment provided a means to path or communicate with a new control system and Horst provided the grunt work and "know-how" necessary to rework the dimmer rack wiring to interface to Shaun's equipment.

There is always a movement on a complicated job when you know your assessment was correct. For me, that moment was when Horst made the Johnson equipment "talk" to the Kliegl equipment for the first time. We had manual control of lights but we needed a control system. Horst was instrumental in helping to find a compatible control system and a talented local vendor (Knight Sound and Lighting) to automate the programming.

Over the course of several months Mark Knight (of Knight Sound and Lighting) installed and has been programming and debugging the new Leviton Dimming System. In the last several weeks we put together our final requests for programming to the graphics portion of the new system. Yesterday Mark called to tell me that he had completed the necessary changes and would be out today to update our system. As promised the new programming is now installed and it looks and works great!

Animal Care, night Service Maintenance, the Horticulture Staff, and Group Sales have all been included with the balancing act for the needs of the dimming system. We hope, most of all, that the animals themselves will be happier.

Thanks go out to Metroparks Accounts Payable, Legal and Engineering Department for their part in this project. As requested I have performed system testing and have signed off on the job.

Paul A. Valley
Interactives & Electronics Technician
Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
Facility Operations - Electronics Lab

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Cleveland Metroparks Zoo