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Johnson Systems Inc.

LED Dimmer & Relay Panels

New for 2023!  Presidor™ Lighting Panels permit a selection of both LED dimmer and relays in the same enclosure for highly efficient and cost-effective installations. DMX input with optional DIN rail node allows for wide application in two panel sizes. Small panels are available in either 8 or 12 channels while the large panel supports up the 24 channels. The large panel also has an optional splitter panel with local 3 pole 40 Amp disconnect breaker for larger installations. Panels can be ordered custom built with the modules of choice pre-installed at the factory in the chosen order. Module choices are quad dimmer, quad relay or dual relay.

Intelligent dimmers are state-of-the-art reverse phase controlled rated at 600W and will dim both LED and incandescent loads over a full range of dimming (1-100% DMX). Air-gap relays are triggered ON/OFF at selectable DMX% thresholds from 10-90%. 0-10VDC analog outputs can be programmed as source or sink to permit direct drive of analog ballasts. Sensing protection on all circuits includes overload, short-circuit, temperature, over-voltage, inductive load and more. Both LED indication and real time error reporting back to the command control provide advanced feature reporting normally only found in very expensive dimmers.

The Presidor™ Command Controller provides a full color, capacitive touch GUI for ease of set up and automatic error reporting. Intuitive operation and smart capabilities make these panels unique.

PDF File Coming Soon → PP-8/12 Cutsheet • (PDF)
PDF File Coming Soon → PP-24 Cutsheet • (PDF)

  • Reverse phase LED dimmers and air-gap relays in one panel.
  • Dimmers employ MOSFET power outputs for unsurpassed dimming efficiency (≥99%).
  • Modular design permits ease of panel configuration.
  • DMX input with optional Ethernet node.
  • Analog 0-10VDC source or sink on the relay outputs.

  • Available in 8, 12 or 24 channel.
  • Optional breaker/splitter disconnect.
  • Intelligent load and error sensing and reporting.
  • Full color, capacitive touch GUI Command Control.
  • Ultra-low standby power for "Green" compliancy.
  • UL Listed.


Module Types
Presidor™ Presidor™ Presidor™ Presidor™
Type L = 4 x 600 Watt LED
Dimmer Module
Type 4 = 4 x 600 Watt
Relay Module
Type 2 = 2 x 1200 Watt
Relay Module
Type A = Blank
Airflow Module

How To Order

Select Panel Size based on the maximum number of modules/channels possible:

  • PP-8 = 2 modules or 8 channels maximum
  • PP-12 = 3 modules or 12 channels maximum
  • PP-24 = 6 modules or 24 channels maximum

  1. Select panel size, choices 8, 12 or 24
  2. Select voltage input, choices 120/208 or 120/240
  3. Select output/module type in order from top to bottom, choices L, 4, 2, or A
  4. Select disconnect breaker option (DB) if applicable.


Ordering Information
Model Description / Maximum Output Capacity
PP-8 Small panel, 2 module capacity, Maximum 8 load circuits, Maximum capacity 4,800 Watts.
PP-12 Small panel, 3 module capacity, Maximum 12 load circuits, Maximum capacity 7,200 Watts.
PP-24 Large panel, 6 module capacity, Maximum 24 load circuits, Maximum capacity 14,400 Watts.
DB Optional Disconnect Breaker/Splitter panel c/w 3P40A Breaker. For PP-24 only!
Type L Quad LED Dimmers, 4 x 600W Intelligent Dimmers. Maximum capacity 2,400 Watts.
Type 4 Quad Air-Gap Relays, 4 x 600W Intelligent Relays. Maximum capacity 2,400 Watts.
Type 2 Dual Air-Gap Relays, 2 x 1,200W Intelligent Relays. Maximum capacity 2,400 Watts.
Type A Airflow/Block-off. Permits future panel capacity expansion.
NOTE: External DIN adders such as Ethernet Nodes or Dual DMX Mergers sold separately or included in the panel price based on spec.