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Room Linker/Combiner (PRLC-4)


Presidor™ Room Linker/Combiner (PRLC-4) is an intelligent multi-port DMX512 merger designed as the "hub" for the Presidor™ Wall Stations (PWS). PRLC-4 will allow input streams of DMX512 data to be merged when contact inputs are "patched" to create a larger room/zone. Each PRLC-4 will support up to 4 rooms/zones of PWS wall stations (DMX512) with isolated DMX inputs and an integrated 48VDC power supply to each room/zone. Multiple PRLC-4's (maximum 8) can be cascaded together with RJ45 connection to permit up to 25 rooms/zones of PWS controls merged into a single DMX512 output. Field connections are either via RJ45 with Cat5/5e/6 wiring or terminal block over existing Belden 9773 wiring. Four (4) programmable maintained dry-contact inputs permit PWS (Presidor™ Wall Station) linking in any possible room/zone combination. At only 1RU in height the PRLC-4 will fit in any standard 19" rack or can be supplied with a small purpose built 19" wall mount rack (PRLCR-4U).

Patent Pending

PDF FilePRLC-4 - Architectural Room Linker/Combiner PRLC-4 • Datasheet (PDF)
Web Page File PRLC-4 - Architectural Room Linker/Combiner PRLC-4 • Specifications
PDF FilePRLC-4 - User Manual (PDF)

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  • Four opto-isolated DMX512 data inputs with 48VDC power for direct connection to room/zone Presidor™ Walls Station (PWS) inputs.
  • One DMX512 "merged" output.
  • Field connections are via either RJ45 with Cat5/5e/6 wiring or "Phoenix style" terminal block over existing Belden 9773 wiring.
  • Multiple PRLC-4's can be cascaded together to support up to 25 rooms/zones of Presidor™ Wall Stations (PWS).
  • Intuitive user interface comprising of high contrast, low power, O-LED display and navigational pod interface allows for ease of operation.
  • Four programmable maintained dry-contact inputs for room linking.

  • Integrated network RJ-45 connection to optional Presidor™ Remote Display Unit (RDU) via Cat5/5e/6 wiring.
  • State-of-the-art high speed, low power "green" processor.
  • Onboard memory dongle for easy save and restore of all programmed "room patching".
  • Face panel LED indication of individual DMX room data inputs and power.
  • A 12VDC (10 Watt) supply to power industry standard auxiliary low voltage equipment.
  • UL approved NEMA C13 fused power disconnect (universal computer power receptacle) with integral illuminated power switch. Power cable included.
  • Patent Pending.

Presidor™ Presidor™

Ordering Information
Model Description/Application
PRLC-4 Room Linker/Combiner, 4 x DMX inputs, DMX512 output.
PRLCR-4U PRLC 19" Wall Rack. Supports up to 4 x PRLC-4.
PWS-RDU-25R Remote Display Unit (Link Station) for linking up to 25 rooms.