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Strand CD80 Racks
CD-2000+ Upgrade Dimming Control System


Limited stock available while quantities last. One (1) year warranty.

JSI CD-2000+

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Model Application
CD-2000+A Strand CD80 AMX racks.
Superseded by CD-3000+AE.
CD-2000+AE Strand CD80 Advanced Electronic racks.
Superseded by CD-3000+AE.
CD-2000+SV Strand CD80 Supervisor racks. SOLD OUT!
Superseded by CD-3000+SV.
CD-2000+RR Strand CD80 Supervisor racks. SOLD OUT!
Superseded by CD-3000+SV-96RR.

Designed for dimming system retrofit where it is necessary to re-use existing low voltage wiring and back boxes. These systems contain architectural software that work with our 2800 Series Retrofit Control Stations thereby permitting a fast, cost-effective full facility retrofit solution. Multi-rack networking allows for quick programming at the assigned "Master Rack" and ease of peripheral control termination. Intuitive "prompting" software menu structure eliminates the need for a PC or external programmer. Easily phone supported with a toll free phone call! These systems are designed for large single room applications such as theaters, churches, television studios, school auditoriums and other similar facilities.

Johnson Systems Inc.

  • The engineered solution for CD80 dimmer racks. Replaces the old electronic card cage with new state-of-the-art control electronics. Upgrades any vintage of rack in minutes.
  • A full-featured cost-effective solution for rack owners requiring a long-term, user-friendly front end for their dimmer rig.
  • Compatible with O.E.M. dimmer rack wiring for fast easy installation.
  • Dual opto-isolated DMX inputs with built in protocol manager.
  • 16 analog inputs and an infrared LED link for wireless printouts of programmed data.
  • Modular design with only two "plugable" modules.
  • Site programmable via a user-friendly, intuitive and self-prompting menu structure. No laptop computer or special software is required!
  • Powerful architectural software features include DMX snapshots, power management and over 40 more.
  • Auxiliary 128 channel DMX output for incorporation of peripheral DMX devices into the system's architectural control.
  • Supports all Johnson Systems control stations.
  • Networking between multiple CD-2000+'s allows for integrated control of multi-rack installations.
  • Up to 10 year product warranty available!


Many systems can be upgraded in a few hours at a fraction of the cost (typically 10-20%) of complete dimming system replacement alternatives. Furthermore, electrical contracting is eliminated in most cases further reducing costs and facility downtime.


JSI CD-3000

Ford Motor Company, Detroit MI Ford Motor Company, Detroit MI

Upgraded Strand CD80 Supervisor Rack
Ford Motor Company, Detroit MI

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Ford Motor Company, Detroit MI

Presidor™ Wall Station.

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Plug & Play CD80 Power Modules

Non-Dim "air gap" relay
Power Modules available!