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Strand Environ 2 Architectural Dimmer Cabinets


1.1 ENVY shall incorporate a user-friendly software package for ease of rack configuration. Dimmer module types and positions shall be selectable via midge jumpers. The ENVY shall automatically assign each dimmer DMX address numerically from top to bottom of the dimmer rack. ENVY shall control up to 24 dimmers.

1.2 Modular design of the unit shall make any future service requirements fast and easy with no requirement for an on-site service call. The ENVY shall consist of a single plugable module. This module shall contain all phase detect circuitry, panic function, DMX input/output, the main processor and all ancillary control electronics for the dimmer rack.

1.3 Dimmer control outputs shall be designed for precise and reliable control of the existing Environ® dimmer modules. It shall never be necessary to adjust ramp circuits for proper dimmer output.

1.4 The ENVY shall accept DMX512-A digital data protocol allowing industry wide compatibility with most commercial/professional control systems.

1.5 The DMX start address shall be selectable in single channel increments via three address select switches. This DMX address shall represent the starting address for the entire module.

1.6 Face panel handles shall provide a means of removing the module for ease of DMX address change or curve select.

1.7 A removable transparent plexi-glass shield shall provide circuit board and component protection against dimmer cabinet wiring and excessive dirt and dust build-up.

1.8 All integrated circuits shall be mounted in high retention sockets to permit easy replacement.

1.9 An auxiliary non-dim driver shall provide non-dim switching of external DC triggered devices. This open-collector style driver shall be activated when the DMX control level to channel 24 is 3% or greater. The driver current shall be limited to 500ma.

1.10 The output lighting curve of the dimmers within the cabinet shall be assignable as either square or linear law output.

1.11 The ENVY face panel shall include an LED indicator for power supply and microprocessor status. The LED, when illuminated, shall indicate normal operation, and when flashing shall indicate a hardware fault. Power supply or power failure, shall cause the LED to extinguish.

1.12 The ENVY face panel shall include three green LED's for phase detect, and one yellow LED for DMX512 data receive indication. Loss of accurate phase detect signal shall cause the corresponding LED to extinguish.

1.13 The ENVY face panel shall include an LED indicator for cabinet over-temperature indication. The LED, when illuminated, shall indicate an undesirable dimmer operating temperature and automatically disable all dimmer control outputs.

1.14 A "Panic" slide switch shall be included on the face of the unit. When "Panic" mode is selected, up to 24 pre-assigned dimmers shall be forced to full output regardless of their previous settings. The panic function shall not be dependent upon microprocessor operation.

1.15 Multiple ENVY modules shall be capable of DMX512 "daisy chaining" between multiple units. An "end of line" jumper shall permit proper DMX signal termination when required.

Specifications subject to change without notice.
Environ® is a registered trademark of Strand Lighting.